Automatic door History

Date:Sep 11, 2018

The door and human civilization are twins, and it is accompanied by the development of human civilization and the movement.

For more than thousands of years, the door has been the Guardian God of human social activities, rejecting intruders outside the door, and as the course of human social activities, the door also carries the civilization, the pursuit of people yearning for the shining shore. The human desire for civilization is endless. From ancient Egypt to ancient Rome to today's modern society, can see the footsteps of the door moves.

In the past, the barrier function of the gate was passive isolation, and the channel function was only guaranteed to pass.

21st century-The door is more prominent in the safety concept, emphasizing the effectiveness: effective prevention, passage, evacuation, but also highlighted the concept of architectural art, emphasizing the door and the building and the surrounding environment as a whole harmony and harmonious. Door large-scale professional production began 150 years ago, in the process of continuous development and improvement, the emergence of a large number of professional manufacturers unique scale. Door of the advanced form-automatic door origin in Europe and the United States, the rapid development to today, has formed a complete range, functional, sophisticated automatic door family.

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