Automatic door maintenance work

Date:Aug 14, 2020

Due to the influence of installation quality and use environment, automatic doors will inevitably cause problems during use. If long-term lack of maintenance,

As a result, the hidden dangers and minor faults of the automatic door cannot be dealt with in time, and the minor fault will become a major fault, which may eventually lead to the paralysis of the automatic door.

Information users must know:

Shuangzhou Automatic Door Company and its distributors will provide you with the following basic information after the automatic door installation is completed:

1. Introduce how to check the daily operation of automatic doors;

2. Introduction to the functions of various switches of automatic doors and their positions;

3. Introduce how to turn off the power of the automatic door and where is the power switch;

4. Introduce the common failures of automatic doors and their solutions.

Daily inspection:

In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of automatic doors, Shuangzhou Automatic Door Company recommends that users or automatic door managers perform necessary operation checks on automatic doors during daily use.  

※Test inspection needs to be carried out without interference from other personnel

1. The inspector walks towards the automatic door from outside or inside the door at normal speed. The automatic door should open automatically and the movement of the automatic door should be smooth.

Slippery and no collision; after the automatic door is opened, the personnel will slow down at a speed of about 150mm-200mm per second

When passing through the automatic door, the automatic door should remain open;

2. After the inspector leaves the detection area of the automatic door sensor, after a delay of 1-10 seconds (the length of time can be controlled by the automatic door switch

Set by number), the automatic door will close automatically, the movement of the automatic door should be smooth and there is no collision;

3. To observe the normal walking route of the person passing through the automatic door, the daily walking route needs to be adjusted to the person facing the automatic door, and

Not walk towards the automatic door at a certain angle;

4. When walking towards an automatic door, the sensing width range of the automatic door sensor should be greater than the width of the door fully opened;

5. If the automatic door is equipped with an auxiliary safety light sensor (infrared through-beam protection device), when the automatic door leaf is opened, people stand

Keep it still and cover the auxiliary safety light sensor with your hand. The door should remain open. Within a few seconds after the hand leaves, the door should

Close again.

Maintenance of automatic doors

Shuangzhou Company recommends that users or automatic door managers perform necessary simple maintenance on automatic doors in daily use.

1. Clean the dust in the automatic door guide box regularly every season;

2. Check whether the connecting parts of the automatic door hardware spreader are loose, if so, please reinforce;

3. Check whether the ground wheel (swing stopper) on the ground is loose, if there is any, you can reinforce it yourself.

[Note] When the automatic door fails, please immediately cut off the automatic door power supply, and then contact the automatic door dealer for handling.

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