Automatic door sensor microcomputer control system

Date:Nov 22, 2018

The automatic door sensor control system includes basic functions and extended functions. The operator can select four working modes (auto/hold/lock/half-open) through the function keyboard or switch to meet different needs. The control device has multiple interfaces. In connection with various access control devices, such as: remote control, safety photocell, electric lock, UPS, etc., the drive device adopts modern brushless DC motor, which has strong driving force and reliable operation.

The automatic door operation is completely micro-computer optimized, and the internal signal loop adopts the non-contact control mode. Even if it is working for a long time, the switching action is still accurate. The microcomputer controller precisely controls the door position setting and adjustment, the sliding distance setting and adjustment, and the door opening/closing speed setting. And adjustments.

If any obstacles are encountered, the door will be opened and reversed immediately by the microcomputer control system; when the door is closed, if the moving pedestrian or obstacle is encountered, the door will automatically reverse, thus preventing the crushing event and maximally protecting the passenger. Security.

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