Automatic revolving door fails to open

Date:Sep 01, 2020

Automatic revolving door fails to open

Revolving door failure:

(1) Turn on the start key switch, the revolving door does not operate, but the starter has an induction action. exclude:

a. Check the main circuit board insurance in the computer control box;

b. Check whether each door leaf is in the correct position;

c. Check whether the emergency stop switch/stop switch of the revolving door is working;

d. Check whether the key switch is in the starting position; e. Check whether the safety sensors are operating.

(2) The motor runs slowly and the door leaf turns hard. exclude:

a. Check if someone presses the handicapped slow running switch, if so, you must wait for the delay to elapse before the revolving door automatically resumes its normal speed.

b. Open the main control box and check whether the plugs are in good condition.

c. Check whether the PLC computer board program is running.

d. If everything is normal, notify the manufacturer.

(3) The revolving door locates the parking lot that cannot be stopped. exclude:

a. Most of the reasons occur when the start sensor detects that there is a foreign object in front of the revolving door leaf (or other suspicious parts) when the sensor is about to stop, which produces a false detection result. Stop the revolving door, adjust the start sensor, and adjust its detection range and sensitivity if necessary.

b. The manufacturer was not notified.

(4) Slow speed without the disabled. exclude:

a. Check the connection between the disabled slow switch and its main control box.

b. Check the disabled button and wiring. c. Notify the manufacturer for maintenance.

(5) Stop suddenly without turning. exclude:

a. Check whether the anti-pinch safety function of the column is activated.

b. Check whether the anti-collision pedestrian heel sensor of each door leaf is working, and whether there are obstacles at the bottom of each door leaf.

c. Check whether the main power supply is down and whether various insurances are intact.

d. Check whether the mechanical keyhole micro switch on the top of the ceiling works.

(6) Column anti-pinch safety function is not available. exclude:

a. There is a multimeter in the ohm file to check whether the column anti-pinch rubber strip works (it should be "on" when it is normal, and "off" when it is in action).

b. If it is normal, check whether there is any problem with the connection to the controller and whether the rubber strap is bent.

c. Notify the manufacturer and the authorized repairer.

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