Basic function of automatic door

- Sep 11, 2018-

01 Enhance the beautification effect of the building

Ordinary door body often form a single structure, low selectivity, and style. And the automatic door widely adopted new design, new decoration materials and new processing technology, making it in the shape and building structure collocation will be more coordination and matching, and enhance the decoration function of the building.

02 Improved sealing performance and energy efficiency

The automatic revolving door is open to the outside, regardless of the position to which it is turned, and is closed inside. Therefore, the automatic door can reduce the loss of heat, reduce the ingress of dust, increase the tightness. In this case, energy is also saved.

03 Safe and reliable operation

Automatic door opening and closing mechanization, automation, the realization of motor drive, greatly reducing the labor intensity and efficiency of access door. Because the automatic door adopts advanced control technology and safety protection measures, it makes pedestrians more safe and reliable when they enter and exit the automatic door.