Basic functions of automatic doors

Date:Aug 21, 2020

Basic functions of automatic doors

The door generally includes a fixed part, the door frame, and one or more openable parts, the door leaf, whose kinetic energy is mainly to allow and prohibit entry and exit. In addition to the above functions, automatic doors have the following functions:

⑴The opening and closing of the door is mechanized and automated, and the operation is safe and reliable. The opening and closing of the door realizes the motor drive, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and traffic efficiency of the entrance and exit. Due to the adoption of advanced control technology and safety protection measures, the automatic entrance and exit doors are safer and more reliable.

⑵The airtight performance and energy saving performance of the door. The automatic revolving door is open to the outside of the door and closed to the inside of the door no matter where it is turned, so it can reduce heat loss, reduce dust intrusion, increase airtightness, and save energy. Other types of automatic doors can quickly and automatically close the door and adjust the opening width of the door leaf, which also increases its airtightness and energy-saving performance.

⑶ The automatic door enhances the decoration and beautification function of the building. As automatic doors widely adopt new designs, new decorative materials and new processing techniques, their shape and structure will be more coordinated and matched with the building, and the building beautification function will be enhanced.

⑷Automatic doors can meet a variety of special functions. According to different applications and different needs, automatic doors with a variety of special functions have emerged. For example, various forms of revolving doors, foldable automatic revolving doors, folding automatic doors, retractable courtyard automatic doors, etc.

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