Can the door opener be equipped with a long-distance Bluetooth card reader to open the door?

Date:Dec 17, 2018

Many friends are trying to install a remote card reader for their door opener, so that it is convenient to open the window and read the card without rain. It feels cool, but the problem is coming. Many people don’t know. Can not be installed, which today Jiuxin translation motor will tell you clearly, all electric door products can be installed, such as electric retractable doors, sliding doors, swing doors, rolling gates, intelligent gates, etc. can be added Packed

Which one is how to install it, trouble? Answer: It is absolutely very simple. First of all, we still first understand what is a Bluetooth card reader. Now there are two types of long-distance Bluetooth cards on the market:

1.Active card

2.Passive card

 1) The so-called active card is that the card circuit must have power support standby, so that the card reader sensing area is awakened and transmits data to the card reader, after the data transmission is completed and in the standby state, generally the corresponding card reader operates at a high frequency. 2.4G, low power, no electromagnetic radiation, sensing distance up to 20 meters [slightly different according to the site environment] widely used in the parking system system, the general battery is button battery, battery life is 1-2 years, it is convenient to replace the battery .

2) The so-called passive card and card do not have the power required for standby of the circuit, usually do not work, only the signal is read in the sensor sensing area, generally the corresponding reader operating frequency is about 900MHZ, the transmission power is large, Poor penetrating ability [some imported explosion-proof membranes can not penetrate], the sensing distance is near [about 5 meters], which belongs to early products and is more common in early parking system!

3) The sixth generation of Bluetooth card readers can also control the monthly card customers to charge, allowing different users to enter different AB channels. The biggest advantage is offline management control (computer software and card readers do not need a cable). Write all user information to the Bluetooth card, which records the permissions and entry and exit records.

Finally, I just replied that the installation is very simple. How to use the simple method, the Bluetooth card reader only needs two positive and negative 12V power input, the positive and negative level is wrong, and the friend who is afraid of the mistake says to stay with the salesman before leaving the factory. Back to the connection, the output is also two lines, respectively, COM and ON are connected to the COM and the card interface end of the electric door opener controller or the electric door, the swing door motor, the Bluetooth gate and other controller function interfaces complete the wiring work. The last step is to fix the card reader base with four expansion screws.

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