Can the wind-resistant shutters be opened in the event of a power outage?

Date:Nov 20, 2018

1. Regarding the requirements of anti-wind shutter technology, our factory is specialized in producing stainless steel anti-wind door, garage anti-wind door, wind-resistant hook roll door, wind-resistant rolling door, electric anti-wind door, fire-resistant anti-wind door, industrial anti-wind door, with smoke. The temperature sensing device can automatically close the roller blind in time when the fire is detected. The automatic operation is very practical. The daily use of the wind-resistant roller blind saves time and effort, the switch distance is intelligently controlled, and the safety performance is good, and there is no Noise, this kind of wind-resistant roller blind is suitable for home, garage, large venues. The wind-resistant roller blind is opened, and the control unit is further connected with an opening module, and the opening module is electrically connected with a switch, and the switch is connected to the lighting lamp, when the control unit controls the rotation of the motor to turn the wind-resistant shutter door open or closed. The production of anti-wind door technology is advanced, the company's product quality is excellent, the price is excellent, and provides a complete supporting system.

       2, the formation of smoke through the passage, due to the penetration of smoke, will cause fire spread and casualties; rolling door machine is easy to be burned, can not start rolling up wind-resistant roller blinds. The wind-resistant roller blind of the manual switch requires a person to go to the wind-resistant roller blind to open or close the switch each time the wind-resistant roller blind is switched, when in a place such as a garage, through the wind-resistant roller blind At that time, people usually sit in the cab. To open or close the wind-resistant roller blind, you need to get off to the wind-blown manual switch position to open the door or close it.

        3. Once the fire spreads, wait until it is discovered. The tubular motor is connected to the reel through the motor drive, and realizes the function of automatically adjusting the height of the wind-resistant shutter door. The connection between the fingerprint lock device and the tubular motor through the wire, the fingerprint identification area, the password display screen, and the password number key are set in the fingerprint lock. The device solves the problem that the wind-resistant roller blind can only be opened by the key, and once the key is lost, the wind-resistant roller blind can not be opened, the door is not convenient and the safety is not high enough, the door of the wind-resistant shutter door .

        4. When the power is cut off, the manual switching is unreasonable, the use is laborious and time-consuming, because the welding manual chain must be placed on the side of the indoor of the wind-resistant roller blind. The three manual switches include a stop switch, a door open switch and a door closing switch. When the windshield is to be stopped, opened or closed, the corresponding switch can be pressed separately, and the infrared resistance triggering unit is included in the setting. The infrared sensor on the bottom edge of the wind-resistant roller blind, the infrared sensor is connected to the control unit, and if the wind-resistant roller shutter is closed, there is a vehicle or a person passing through.


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