Classification and function of three roller gates

- Nov 26, 2018-

Classification and function of three roller gates. As the basic model of the pedestrian passage, the three-roller gate is widely used in a variety of projects, from subway gates to community passages, from the construction site to the supermarket entrance, covering almost all life scenarios.

In the process of producing three-roll gates, the three-roller brakes are generally divided into three levels of low-, medium-, and high-level three-roll gates according to the parameters and functional characteristics of the three-roll gates, so as to better serve for shipment and customization. ready.

The following three-roll gate manufacturer's strategy for the door control introduces the difference between the following three three-roll gates.

1. Advanced three roller gate

This type of transmission part adopts fully automatic transmission, the gate receives the opening signal, the brake lever rolls forward 15 degrees, and the pedestrian is prompted to move forward. At the same time, there are green arrow indication, voice prompts and other auxiliary prompts. , power off the active drop bar.

The chassis material is made of domestic or imported 304 and 316, and the thickness is more than 1.5mm. The waterproof level is high, the chassis is waterproofed, and the electronic control and components are waterproofed.

Pay attention to the design: the appearance of the mold, novel and fashionable, the appearance of sand, do the appearance of the treatment, contact without fingerprint marks. It has a long service life and is easy to use for repair and ultra-quiet. With one-way, two-way (optional); with a variety of job descriptions to choose from, you can read the card in both directions, or read the card, the other direction is prohibited, while reading the card, the other direction is free The control panel has a memory function. After the gate is opened, the system will be actively locked during the specified time, and the transit time can be adjusted.

2. Intermediate three roller gate

The intermediate level has one-way and two-way (optional); there are a variety of work forms to choose from, which can be used for two-way card reading and current limiting. It can also read the card while the other direction is forbidden, while reading the card and the other direction is free. The gate receives the signal, the three-roll gate opens, and there is a green arrow indicating that the pedestrian is prompted to move forward, the power is off, and the call is manually applied.

The chassis material is made of domestic 304 raw materials, 1.2~1.5mm. After the three-roller gate is opened, it will be actively locked when it is not in the prescribed time. The traffic can be adjusted at any time. The electric control has a waterproof box, and the chassis is only used for ordinary waterproofing; the processing technology is laser cutting and forming of the chassis, and the surface is sanded. This type of three-roller brake has low rolling noise, long service life and convenient repair.

3. Low-level three-roll gate

The characteristics of the low-level three-roller gate are mainly reflected in the fact that the transmission is a mechanical transmission, which can only be used in one direction, without any electrical appliances, but the direction of the three-roller gate can be adjusted. There are also such three roller gate parameters using domestic 304 or 201 (according to customer request), thickness 1.2~1.5mm. This three-roller has a long service life and is easy to repair. During the process of use, there is noise rolling and the surface is sanded.