Common sense of sliding door

Date:Aug 14, 2020

According to the needs of use, determine the functional configuration of the automatic door

Different brands of automatic doors have different standard configurations. After selecting the automatic door brand and determining its basic configuration, determine the additional functions that need to be added according to your own use requirements:

1. Whether it is necessary to configure safety light (safety auxiliary sensor) to ensure that there will be no accidents of people trapped by automatic door machines under any circumstances (especially in hospitals, etc.);

2. Whether it is necessary to install an electronic lock; or use other special opening methods (such as: card access control, password access control, attendance access control, remote control, etc.);

3. Whether it is necessary to configure a backup power supply to ensure the passing of the fire protection system detection.

According to the size of the facade, choose the appropriate decoration type of beam and door leaf

1. From the perspective of matching the image of the automatic door and facilitating the maintenance and repair of the automatic door in the future, it is best to use steel structure, stainless steel, aluminum profile or aluminum plastic

Boards and other materials are used as the outsourcing materials for beams and door pillars; if marble is used as the exterior surface, the automatic door engineering and the marble engineering

The construction plan must be determined in advance, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.

2. The material of the door leaf is generally made of glass (except for special requirements such as hospitals and factories). At present, the common all-glass sensor doors,

Upper and lower door clip-on glass sensor doors and framed glass sensor doors. The production cost of all-glass doors is lower, and the permeability is better; upper and lower doors

Clip-on glass doors belong to the old-fashioned door body type, and are now used less; framed glass doors have a higher production cost, but they appear stable and atmospheric.

The airtightness is better; but it is not suitable for use when the door opening is small, so when the door opening area is large, the framed glass sensor door is usually used.

Acceptance of automatic door engineering

1. The engineering components of the automatic door must be firmly connected, and the structure must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure the opening and closing of the movable door leaf is sensitive.

2. The installation position of the aluminum alloy guide rail of the automatic door must be correct, firm and reliable, and the installation position, connection method and detection range of the sensor must meet the requirements.

3. The door pillar and beam materials, except for stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials, must be treated with rust prevention.

※ Since automatic door installation has the characteristics of "easy to learn but difficult to master", without rich installation experience, false faults often occur when automatic doors are running.

It is often difficult to deal with, and it is also difficult to guarantee future after-sales service. Since the establishment of the company, a complete construction system has been gradually established in order to obtain high-quality pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.

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