Component composition of automatic door profile induction door machine

- Dec 21, 2018-

Automatic door profile induction door machine main controller: It is the command center of the automatic door. It sends out corresponding instructions through the large-scale integrated block with instruction program inside, and commands the motor or electric lock system to work. At the same time, people adjust through the main controller. Parameters such as door opening speed and opening range. Inductive detector: responsible for collecting external signals, like people's eyes, when a moving object enters its working range, it gives the main controller a pulse signal;


Power motor: Provides the main power to open and close the door, control the door fan acceleration and deceleration. Door leaf travel track: Just like the railroad track of a train, the spreader system of the door leaf is constrained to travel in a specific direction. Door spreader wheel system: used to hang the movable door leaf, and drive the door leaf to run under power traction. Timing belt (some manufacturers use V-belt): used to transmit the power generated by the motor, traction door fan spreader system.

Automatic door profile lower guiding system: It is the guiding and positioning device of the lower part of the door leaf to prevent the front and rear door body from swinging when the door leaf is running. The automatic door is equipped with an induction door machine, which is a combination of a series of components that control the opening and closing of the automatic door; also known as an automatic door unit or an induction door unit; the components of the induction door machine generally include: motor, controller, pulley, belt .