Different types of door openers have different functions.

Date:Nov 09, 2018

With the development of social economy, people's living standards are constantly improving, and they are pursuing convenience, comfort, high standards, and high quality of life. As a result, faac door openers are gradually integrated into our lives, and the use of door openers is avoided. The traditional manual door opening method reduces the workload of the relevant personnel.

In the current market, there are various types of door openers. The main functions of different types of door openers are different. According to the construction of the courtyard gates, the types of door openers used are also different. If the gate of the courtyard is flat, then the swing door machine is used for a long time, and if the courtyard door is translated, the pan door opener is used for a long time, so what style and type of door opener we need to order in combination with the actual situation.

When purchasing a door opener, in addition to considering the specific conditions of the courtyard construction, we should also combine the conditions to select the most suitable door opener model based on the flow rate of the location and the weight of the gate. For example, in an office or a writing room, you can choose a more common type of door opener. For some large-scale residential doors, etc., it is necessary to choose a door opener with sufficient horsepower to meet the demand. Also pay attention to the compatibility of the door opener, because many courtyard doors have been selected before the door opener is used, so we need to match the model of the door to the door opener, so after the door opener is installed. It can be more smooth when it is automatically started to ensure that the door opener can achieve good results.

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