Electric roller door machine remote control common fault analysis

Date:Nov 05, 2018

There are several reasons for the failure of the AC electric door roller remote control operation:

1. The remote control launch handle battery is not enough, you can replace the battery inside.

2. When operating the remote control, the distance is too far, or the accessory has radio wave interference, close to the shutter door, and operate.

3. The remote control has been used for too long, and the internal circuit board of the remote control receiver or remote control launcher is oxidized, causing the remote control to malfunction. Clean the place where the circuit board is oxidized, scrub with cotton and alcohol, and it will be normal after drying.

4. The remote control is out of code, which is a product quality problem of the remote control and needs to be handled by a professional technician. Of course, the prerequisite for these problems is that the power of the remote control is turned on and the indicator light of the receiver can be illuminated.

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