Electric window opener concept and linkage application

Date:Nov 16, 2018

Electric window openers (English Actuator for window or Windows opener) are the product of the development of electrical automation technology. Since its appearance changed the way the manual window opener worked, opening the window became an easy task. The electric window opener can automatically switch windows according to the weather conditions. The Benlong electric window opener is a new mechatronics window opener with aluminum alloy die-casting process. It has beautiful appearance, compact structure, low transmission resistance and noise. Small, easy to install, etc., is the current advanced window machine products in China. It can automatically control the sash opening and closing according to the requirements of the remote control, smoke control, temperature control, wind control, rain control and other sensing devices. It is widely used in the upper hanging skylights of waiting halls, industrial plants and civil buildings, and the opening and closing of the suspended sky (side) window and the lower hanging sky (side) window, and is also applicable to other lighting windows with similar opening and closing forms.

The development of electric window drives has been around for more than 20 years. The original electric window opener only works on the electric opening of the single window without any linkage function of the external sensor. With the completion of more and more modern buildings, especially the construction of high-rise and super high-rise buildings, how to automatically open high-altitude windows has made electric window openers more and more important, and some countries have clearly specified high-altitude glass. The window opening of the curtain wall must use an electric window opener and associated linkage system.

Second, the composition of the electric window opener:

The classification of electric window openers is as follows:

A, according to the drive mechanism: pneumatic, chain, rack, push rod

B. According to the working voltage, AC 220V/50Hz, DC 24V

The general electric window opener consists of the following:

1. Power supply AC/DC; 2. Motor (MOTOR); 3. Actuator; 4. Limit switch; 5. Touch head

In order to effectively control and change the stroke, almost all electric window openers are equipped with a travel limit micro switch. In addition, some high-end electric window openers are equipped with accessories such as overheat protection and working signal feedback in the motor, and strive to make the electric window opener develop in an intelligent direction.

Third, the general indicators of electric window openers:

Different types of electric window openers have different electrical indicators because of their different working methods. The following are general indicators.

1. Thurst/Tractive Force (including external thrust and contraction force)

This indicator is directly related to the weight of the driven window, and the unit is generally Newton (N). The unitary electric window drive has a general driving force of up to 2000N.

2, expansion stroke (Opening / Closing stroke)

Directly affects the angle of the window opening.

3, travel speed (Translation Speed)

Generally in mm/s. Since the speed of electric window opening is not required to be too large, the existing indicators are all ≤ 40mm / s.

Generally this speed is not adjustable.

4, working frequency (Working Frequency)

Refers to the number of repeated work in a unit of time. This indicator directly affects the working life of the electric window opener. General electric window openers are not suitable for occasions where windows are frequently opened repeatedly.

5, operating voltage (Operating Voltage)

According to the application of the electric window opener, it is the general ventilation window or the fire smoke exhaust function to determine the voltage property and grade.

AC220V voltage working mode can be selected in general occasions; when it is used in conjunction with fire protection system and special occasions requiring safety voltage, DC24V voltage working mode is selected.

6, power (Power)

7, working current (Actuator Current Only)

This indicator can be used as a reference for selecting the power consumption of a large electric window drive linkage system. In general, electric window openers in intelligent buildings can be used up to several hundred at a time.

In addition to the above main indicators, you should also pay attention to: installation method, insulation level, presence or absence of overheat protection, working environment temperature and signal feedback.

Fourth, the linkage application of electric window opener:

The linkage application here refers to the use of the electric window opener in conjunction with the building automation system. Generally, there are two linkage systems as follows.

1. Linkage with fire protection system:

The electric window opener is mainly used as an actuator for opening the window in the fire protection system, and is used for the emergency smoke function in a fire situation.

Generally, the electric window opener has a certain time-limited fire resistance and DC weak current (generally DC24V) drive. At the same time, in the whole linkage system, the window opener system has the following functions:

(1) Backup DC power supply floating charge operation and automatic power supply backup DC power supply automatic switching function. The backup DC power supply size selects the battery's A/H based on the field system configuration.

(2) It has the function of automatically returning to the fire center with the indication signal. This function is used to judge the working status of the window opener.

(3) The local area fire warning system can be formed independently. That is, there is an external smoke and temperature sensing interface in the system.

(4) Has independent passive contact points.

2. Linkage with indoor environmental control system.

In the linkage system, the electric window opener automatically turns on/offs the ventilation window, the sunshade louver, and the sunlight reflection angle of the window according to the signal or the self-test signal of the building monitoring center to adjust and control the humidity and temperature in the room. And oxygen content (new air volume), etc., in order to meet the environmental requirements of the entire system. The existence of the linkage system can fully reflect the superiority of intelligent buildings.


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