Fingerprint recognition to civilian use: analysis of multi-domain application technology

- Dec 12, 2018-

At present, fingerprint recognition in China is long due to its long development time and rapid development. After years of marketing and application, fingerprint identification has mature products in terms of access control, attendance, safe deposit box and identity authentication. Other identification technologies are low, easier to promote and accepted by users, so the current domestic fingerprint recognition application accounts for about 90% of the total biometric application market share.

Fingerprint recognition goes to civilian use

Through the continuous promotion and application of fingerprint recognition technology in the market, fingerprint recognition enterprises find that the real market for fingerprint recognition technology should be the civilian market. Because the civilian fingerprint identification technology is "known to the main body", the "comparison" is faster and has higher accuracy. It is accompanying more and more electronic devices, such as PCs, ATMs, access control systems, etc., entering our daily lives.

From a trend perspective, civilian fingerprinting technology will eventually replace the ID and password that are vulnerable to security and convenience, to prevent unauthorized access. Since the civilian use of fingerprint recognition technology is more popular than the criminal investigation application and the market capacity is larger, it has the basis for large-scale promotion. In Western countries, fingerprint identification technology has entered a large-scale civilian stage. In 1990, Los Angeles used the world's first set of relief fingerprinting systems; the world's first virtual bank, SFNB (Safety First Internet Bank), also implemented a security-based security-based project based on fingerprint recognition technology. The security of the transaction.

Fingerprint recognition began to move toward civilian use due to its mature technology and reduced costs. Domestic biometrics will form a market of tens of billions of yuan in the future, of which the security industry is one of the most important application areas, and the market space is very large.

Fingerprint identification diversified application analysis

1. Corporate attendance still dominates

Attendance is the basis of modern enterprise management and an important indicator of corporate management. Based on fingerprint identification, the enterprise employee attendance system can completely solve the problem of the generation of punching cards in the traditional time of card and IC card attendance, ensure the authenticity of the attendance data, and truly reflect the openness, fairness and fairness, thus further improving the efficiency of enterprise management. Level. Moreover, since fingerprint identification products are currently the most convenient, reliable and cheapest biometric products, they are the first choice for most SMEs. At present, the sales volume of fingerprint attendance products in the Chinese market accounts for more than 40% of the total sales of biometric products, ranking first.

2. Intelligent community has become a popular hotspot

Since the intelligent community should be comprehensively considered in terms of functions, performance, cost, etc. in design and selection, products with more mature technology, high reliability, and better cost performance are usually selected. Fingerprint recognition technology is the most mature in many biometric identification technologies, with stable performance and low cost. It is especially suitable for promotion and popularization in intelligent communities. The application of fingerprint identification technology in the intelligent community is mainly reflected in the realization of daily activities such as parking charges, supermarket shopping, book borrowing, and building access in the community. Effectively solve the many problems of residents' use of certificates, which are easy to lose, bring a lot of inconvenience to life, improve the management level of the community, and promote the modernization of management methods. Nowadays fingerprint identification technology has been widely used in intelligent communities and is moving towards a broader civilian market.

3. The fingerprint lock market is developing rapidly

Applying fingerprint recognition technology to traditional door locks is the best choice for biometrics from the professional market to the civilian market. The emergence of fingerprint lock products has announced the advent of a new generation of door locks, and fingerprint locks will gradually change the way people used to open their doors. The convenient, safe and low-cost features of the fingerprint lock will bring a very optimistic market prospect. The new round of door lock competition will promote the rapid development of the fingerprint lock market.

In addition to applications in enterprise attendance and smart communities, fingerprint recognition technology is currently widely used in large public projects such as the judicial and financial sectors. In addition, fingerprint identification technology has been innovatively applied to passports, visas, ID cards and other important management systems to undertake automatic identification based on large-scale databases.