Functional characteristics and uses of medical automatic doors

Date:Nov 03, 2020

Medical automatic door is a kind of electric door specially designed for the entrance and exit of chemical environment with high requirements for cleanliness and sealing. The opening and closing is stable, convenient and reliable, and can meet the special requirements of air tightness, sound insulation and intelligence.

   When a person approaches the door, the probe receives the signal and sends it to the controller to command the motor to run, and the motor receives the command and the door will automatically open.

   The medical automatic door adopts a DC brushless motor, which is small in size, large in power, low in noise and long in life.

  Equipped with a gear reduction system with high transmission efficiency, it has the characteristics of stable operation, large torque and control.

The excellent program design makes the micro-processing technology more distinctive: the intelligent control system has the door leaf half-opening and closing, normally open locking, conventional opening and closing, double door interlocking, opening and closing double induction and digital display functions, so that the door leaf has various operating functions The conversion is convenient, and the door leaf operating parameters and door leaf operating parameters are more intuitive.

   Speed closed loop control, rebound, start more reliable and more humane.

   Use foot-controlled or hand-controlled non-contact induction device to open the door, which is convenient, sensitive and avoids cross-infection when touching the door by hand. There is light on both sides of the door leaf to ensure that no people (objects) will be caught when the door leaf is automatically closed.

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