How automatic doors work

Date:Jul 05, 2019

The principle of automatic door, the basic working principle of automatic door, automatic door machine basic composition is basically the same, with the above composition, plus the open the door signal, can be configured into a simple automatic door system. Automatic door system configuration is based on the use of requirements and equipped with the automatic door controller linked to the peripheral auxiliary control devices, such as the door signal source, access control system, safety devices, centralized control. It must be based on the usage characteristics of the building. Through the composition of personnel, building automatic control system requirements and other reasonable equipped with auxiliary control devices. 1, open the door signalAutomatic door opening signal is contact signal, microwave radar and infrared sensor are commonly used two signal sources:Microwave radar is a response to the displacement of the object, so the response speed is fast, suitable for the normal walking speed of the people through the place, it is characterized by once in the door near the people do not want to go out and stationary, radar will no longer respond, automatic door will be closed, the door has a certain protective effect.The infrared sensor reacts to the presence of the object. No matter the person moves or not, as long as it is within the scanning range of the sensor, it will react and send out the contact signal. The disadvantage is that the response speed of infrared sensor is slow, which is suitable for the places with slow movement of personnel.In addition, if the automatic door reception contact signal time is too long, the controller will consider the signal input system obstacles. Moreover, if the automatic sliding door is kept open for too long, it will cause damage to the electrical components. Because microwave radar and infrared sensors do not know whether people close to the automatic door really want to enter, so some occasions prefer to use the button switch.The key switch can be a touch-type button, more convenient is the so-called toggle switch. The toggle switch is durable, especially if it can be operated by the elbow. Avoid hand contact.Still have foot switch, the function is same, but the requirement to waterproof is higher, and foot power is very big, make foot switch invalidation easily. There is also a handle with a contact switch that provides a contact signal to the door crane when the handle is pushed (or pulled in the opposite direction) into place.Building controls now sometimes have special requirements, such as using one of the telephone lines to open doors. To achieve this requirement, just ensure that the signal is a passive contact signal. In some cases, people will ask for antenna remote control. With a wireless receiver and automatic door touch connection, and a wireless transmitter, you can meet the requirements. However, there are so many radio sources these days that accidentally opening doors can be a problem.Timer can automatically control the state of the door, the principle is to connect the clock with a specific switch circuit, can set the time to automatically open the automatic door or lock the door state.3. Unlock the automatic doorThe coordination between automatic door unlocking action and opening action is applied to the electronic lock of automatic translation door, the electromagnetic lock with the lock belt and the electric lock of the lock body pendant, the three kinds of lock motor. The latter is used for heavy automatic sliding door, automatic flat door electronic lock has electromagnetic door suction, electronic latch lock and electronic door opener, the force direction of electronic door opening does not affect the opening action of the door, it is not easy to misoperate. There is also a mechanical lock with a contact switch, which combines the lock with the switch. If the lock is not in the unlocked state, the contact cannot be contacted and there is no possibility of misoperation.4. Centralized controlThe concept of centralized control, including centralized monitoring automatic running state and concentrated multiple automatic door operation two meanings, centralized monitoring automatic door to open the door closed state, can be done by position signal output circuit can be used in a contact switch, when the door to reach a certain position (such as open position), touch switch and contact signal is given. An inductive signal generator can also be used to send a signal when the sensor detects that the door is in a certain position. Set the corresponding indicator light in the central control room, can show the status of the automatic door, and the centralized operation usually refers to open or lock multiple doors at the same time, it depends on the automatic door controller has no corresponding terminal.

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