How does the automatic sensor door work?

- Oct 30, 2018-

The control system of the automatic sensing door is basically the same, and can be connected according to the control system of the automatic door, such as the door opening signal, the access control system, the safety device, the centralized control, etc., but can be performed by various personnel according to the use characteristics of the building. Effective combination, reasonable configuration of the control system of the auxiliary device.

  Open door signal, automatic door opening system is the source of the trigger signal. Commonly, microwave radar and infrared sensing system, microwave radar can reflect the displacement of the object, make corresponding response, and reflect the speed is also quite fast, suitable for normal people. Walking, his main feature is that if there is someone attached but the state of prohibition is not moving, the radar or infrared device will not reflect, thus achieving the effect of energy saving. And also has a certain protection for the door machine.

    If the automatic door takes longer and longer to receive the signal, the controller will have a problem with the signal input system, and the time course will also cause some damage to the components of the electrical device. In life, many people do not understand the automatic door, and in many occasions, the buttons are more casual, causing the automatic door to lose its original power, and this will cause considerable loss to the automatic sensing door.

    The function of the automatic sensing door and the waterproofing requirements are also quite high, and the greater the strength of the pedal, the easy cause of the foot switch failure, so many automatic sensing doors will stop rotating when they reach a certain position inside, which is convenient for Automatic sensor door protection.

    With the improvement of modern automatic sensor door technology, more and more people are integrated into the automatic sensor door control system. However, the performance of the automatic sensor door has been greatly improved in these years.

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