How does the revolving door match the surrounding environment?

Date:Sep 12, 2020

How does the revolving door match the surrounding environment?


Outside many buildings, such as shopping malls, hotels, theaters, etc., revolving doors should be what we often see. It brings us convenience and integrates with the building. It also has a sense of beauty and plays a very good role. The decorative effect.

   When the revolving door is installed, environment matching is very important, and perfect and harmonious matching can achieve the best effect. Under normal circumstances, the overall style of the revolving door should be considered in the design of the entrance and door area, packaging design and surroundings of the revolving door, including doors, windows, awnings and other facilities. Suspended ceilings, handles and other supporting implementation must also be considered.

  The design of the left and right revolving door should be based on the transparent glass door, and the surrounding size of the revolving door should be single door or double door as the fire passage or evacuation passage. For areas susceptible to large areas of cold wind, double spring doors should be designed around the revolving door to ensure that it has a good seal.

  The working environment of the revolving door should be kept well waterproof and moisture-proof. The design of the door area should fully consider the requirement of the revolving door, and the installation height and position should be appropriate.

Under normal circumstances, the revolving door itself usually provides lighting, but considering that if the lighting area and intensity of the door is insufficient, supplementary light sources should be provided on the top of the door. The ceiling of the door area should be the same color or the same color as the ceiling of the revolving door, and it is necessary to maintain the integrity and consistency.


When the supporting pillars around the revolving door need to be decorated, consider the use of external decorative panels. The surrounding decorative panels should keep the same color as the revolving door handle. The design and arrangement of the upper part of the revolving door trim should maintain the color matching of the revolving door. Of course, when doing this, we must always consider the use and load-bearing issues of the revolving door.

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