How should the life of an automatic door be extended?

Date:Dec 24, 2018

How to extend the service life of automatic doors is a problem that some enterprises, hotels, schools, and governments are troubled with. I will give you some questions about the life of the automatic door extension. The exterior section of the automatic door is very complicated, except for the outer frame and the various types of coppered environmental curtain walls. The structure inside is more complicated.

Generally speaking, from the perspective of coordinating the image of the automatic door and facilitating the maintenance and maintenance of the automatic door, it is best to use stainless steel, aluminum or aluminum-plastic panels as the outer surface of the doorpost and sill; if marble is used as the outer Between the veneer, the automatic door project and the marble project, it is necessary to determine the construction plan that cooperates with each other in advance, otherwise serious consequences will result. The door body is generally made of glass (except for hospitals). Currently, there are pure glass doors and framed glass doors. The pure glass door has lower production cost and better permeability; the framed glass door has higher production cost, appears stable, atmospheric, safe and reliable. Therefore, when the door opening is small, the pure glass door method is usually adopted. When the door opening is large, the framed glass door method is usually adopted.

It is necessary to choose a professional installation company with strength and rich experience for construction. Because the automatic door installation has the characteristics of “easy to learn and hard to be refined” and has no rich installation experience, automatic door operation often has such defects or defects, and it is often difficult to eliminate. At the same time, it is difficult to maintain a perfect after-sales service.

The system configuration of the automatic door refers to the peripheral auxiliary control device connected to the automatic door controller according to the use requirements, such as the door opening signal source, the access control system, the safety device, the centralized control, and the like. Must be based on the characteristics of the building. Through the composition of personnel, the system requirements for building automation are properly equipped with auxiliary control devices. It is the responsibility of the automatic door installation company to provide users with a reasonable and economical system configuration solution based on a thorough understanding of the user system requirements.

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