How the automatic door works

- Sep 11, 2018-

Automatic door principle automatic door basic work principle automatic door automatic door Machine Basic composition is basically the same, with the above composition, coupled with the opening signal, can be configured into a simple automatic door system. The system configuration of the automatic door refers to the peripheral auxiliary control device which is connected with the automatic door controller according to the requirement of use, such as the opening signal source, the access control system, the safety device, the centralized controlling and so on. Must be based on the characteristics of the building's use.

Through the composition of personnel, building automation system requirements and other reasonable equipped with auxiliary control device.

The opening signal of the automatic door is the contact signal, and the microwave radar and infrared sensor are two commonly used signal sources:

Microwave radar is the displacement reaction of the object, so the reaction speed, suitable for walking speed normal people through the place, it is characterized once in the door near the people do not want to go out and stationary, the radar will no longer respond, the automatic door will be closed, the machine has a certain protective effect. The infrared sensor reacts to the presence of an object, regardless of whether the person moves or not, as long as it is within the scanning range of the sensor, it reacts to the outgoing contact signal.

The disadvantage is that the infrared sensor reacts slowly and is suitable for people who have a slow movement. In addition, if the automatic door accepts a contact signal for too long, the controller considers the signal input system to be a hindrance. The automatic sliding door can also cause damage to the electrical components if it is kept open for too long. Because microwave radars and infrared sensors do not know whether people close to automatic doors really want to enter the door, so some occasions prefer to use the button switch.