How to buy a suitable automatic door lock

- Dec 07, 2018-

The earliest automatic doors are mostly realized by electric plug locks, and there are two kinds of special and non-dedicated on the market.

      1. Special electric plug lock is an electric lock designed for the characteristics of automatic doors. This kind of lock can be applied to all automatic doors of various brands. The working principle is to send signals by sensors or access control machines (such as self-service bank credit card machines). After the electric lock is received, the electric lock first unlocks and then sends a signal to the automatic door to open the door. The first door is unlocked and then the control unit of the lock sends a signal to the door controller to open the door, thus avoiding the door opening and the lock not jumping. The resulting lock lock phenomenon. And the lock control unit has a delay output open door signal function, so called a special electric lock. The advantage of the special electric plug lock is that the difficulty of destructive opening of the door is strengthened, and it is more difficult to open the door. However, the wiring of such locks is more complicated. Moreover, it is a professional manufacturer of automatic doors, and the price is relatively expensive. Manufacturers can consider self-development, the lock body can be equipped with a universal electric lock on the market.

      2. Ordinary electric mortise lock is also a general electric lock. This kind of lock can't delay the output of the door open signal. Only the access controller (sensor) can send the door and unlock signal at the same time, so the door is often opened. Fast, the spreader hits the unlocked lock and causes automatic door failure (such as door machine self-test, door-off, card door, etc.). We often see self-banking in the house to lock people in the house. .

Use selection

      Electric mortise locks are generally used for glass doors. According to the glass door with frame or frameless, it is necessary to use the door clamps and other mounting accessories. One electric mortise lock can only control one door, and the double glazed door needs two electric mortise locks. For most access control projects, it is recommended to use the electric plug lock that is powered off, and the power supply can be opened when the access control system fails, and the fire protection requirements for power failure opening can be met. Some electric plug locks have delay control and door magnetic detection function. The delay control function supports the delay after the door is closed for a certain period of time and then locks. For the ground spring, the glass door of the door lock is not easy to lock, and can be adjusted. The time delay of the electric lock is improved.

      There are two core wire electric plug locks and multi-core wire electric plug locks on the market. When the two core wires are energized, the current directly drives the coil to generate electromagnetic effect. The electromagnetic force attracts the spring piece to control the iron core switch. It is easy to use heat, and the fluctuation of current is easy to cause electric lock failure. The electric plug with multi-wire generally has microchip control, which not only has the functions of lock state and door state detection, but also the operation of electric lock is controlled by single chip, performance and reliability. Better, it is recommended.