How to choose a safe and suitable fast door control system?

- Nov 23, 2018-

Fast door, also known as fast rolling door, is the best industrial category configuration for dustproof, cold insulation, efficiency increase and energy reduction in modern industrial plants and logistics and storage industries. It is an indispensable facility. It is designed to shorten the time of entry and exit for the rapid flow of materials. In addition to being used in general plants, it is also widely used in auto parts, medicine, food, electronics, clean plants, cigarettes, printing, supermarkets and other light industrial plants, logistics and warehousing.

    Because of the frequent and high-speed operation of the fast rolling door. How to choose a safe and suitable fast door control system? The fast door market has higher requirements:

    1. High stability: Due to the frequent and efficient features of the fast door, the control system is the core of the entire set of fast doors. A control system without high stability has nothing.

    2, selectable positioning mode: mechanical limit, absolute encoder, incremental encoder. There are three types of positioning models available in the market. Absolute encoder positioning is the preferred and trending trend.

    3. Automatic adaptation of the motor: More than 95% of the high-speed door motor power is 0.75~1.5kw. If the selected control system inverter can automatically adapt to the 0.75~1.5kw motor. Product management will be more efficient.

    4, additional functions are complete: users often put additional functions on site as needed. For example: (1) wind curtain function; (2) high-speed rolling door double door (multi-door) interlock; (3) door closed, door linkage with equipment when opening; (4) manual / automatic switching; (5) half open / Full open function (6) Manual non-coupling / automatic interlock; (7) Running time, number of door opening and closing. If the control system you choose does not meet the user's requirements. Had to take back the factory and refit and program.

    5, the price of the market competitive: the selected parts if the price is not cheap. Fast door products are not competitive.

    6, the brand's influence: the core device if the selection of brand-name products, confidence is guaranteed. 7, the trend of the control system: (1) PLC, the inverter is combined into one. Development of dedicated control systems. (2) Miniaturization, multi-mode, multi-function, and universal. (3) Professional manufacturers work in cooperation and mass production.