How to choose electric window opener/window machine?

Date:Nov 16, 2018

Choose a different electric window opener (electric window opener) for the type of window you are designing:

First determine the type of window: is it overhang? Hanging? In the suspension? Skylight? Sliding window? Casement window? Beveled window? Row windows? Still other special windows or devices.

1) If it is a skylight: it is preferred to use a rack-type or push-rod type electric window opener (window opener). This type of method is mainly suitable for vertical force, without bending, for wind and rain. It is resistant to strength, and the thrust is generally very large.

2) If it is a sliding window: It is necessary to use a sliding arm type or push-pull type electric window opener (windowing machine). This type of method is more suitable for running in a straight line. When the window is closed, the closing of the window sash is good.

3) If it is a blind: use a small rack-type or push-rod electric window opener (window opener).

4) If it is up/down/suspension window: single chain type, double chain type, rack and push rod type are used, and the chain type with appearance requirements (or double chain with larger window) is used. The required choice (double pusher plus synchronizer) or double rack opener.

5) If the window you are designing is wider or too heavy: the width of the window is larger (more than 1.5 meters wide) or when the window is opened/closed, the required push/pull force is large (more than 450N), then double push is considered. Electric window opener (window opener), double push with rack double push and screw double push, that is, one machine out two racks at the same time or two chains to push and pull the same large window to ensure the window The stability of the opening and the degree of sealing when closed.

2. Select the stroke or angle of the window opener:

Open stroke: convert the required opening angle into the straight line distance of the window (according to the cosine theorem), only for daily ventilation, the opening angle should generally not be greater than 30 degrees (the opening angle is determined by the height of the window), the height window within 1 meter The trip is generally 300-400mm; however, there is a fire requirement. When the fire signal is linked, the maximum angle at which the window is to be opened is generally 70 degrees.

3. Selection of push-pull force of window opener (window opener): Generally between 200N and 1000N, simple push-pull force calculation F= 1/2 (window weight)* (open maximum stroke/window height). The power of the smallest window opener (window opener) is 200N, which is generally used for flat windows with less stress.

4, the window drive uses the choice of power:

Power supply for window opener: AC220V, DC24V, etc. Generally, the smart home system is powered by AC220V; the general metal curtain wall or metal window uses a safe voltage DC24V power supply. When there is fire protection requirement, DC24V power supply must be used; and the communication facility uses DC48V.

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