How to choose medical airtight automatic door

Date:Nov 30, 2018

The medical automatic door is an automatic door specially designed for the environment entrance and exit with high requirements for cleanness and sealing. Also known as: medical automatic door, medical door, airtight door, medical door, anti-radiation automatic door, anti-radiation airtight door, radiation-proof induction door, medical clean door, industrial airtight door, medical manual airtight door, Semi-manual airtight automatic door purification workshop door, clean door, purification door, laboratory sealed door and so on. The medical automatic door is stable and convenient, safe and reliable, and can meet the special requirements of air tightness, sound insulation and intelligence. Widely used in medical, photographic, pharmaceutical, food, electronics and other industries.

The airtight automatic door power is the strength aluminum alloy profile, the overall operation noise is low, suitable for hospital use requirements. The door leaf is pressed and formed by professional equipment to ensure the smoothness of the door leaf. The surface of the door leaf can provide a large area according to the requirements of the user. Matte stainless steel plate, spray plate, aluminum plate, electrolytic plate, PVC plate and other materials exterior and spray color. Sealing strips are embedded on both sides and middle seams, which are suitable for silent and airtight use in hospital operating rooms. They can be equipped with foot sensor switches. Medical personnel only need to insert their feet into the switch box. The automatic door leaf can be opened and closed by itself or used. Contactless hand-sensing switch operation. The door frame can be fitted with two-wire, double-shot safety light to ensure safe access for medical personnel and patients.


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