How to choose the right size roller door machine

- Nov 05, 2018-

Under normal circumstances, what is the number of kilograms we are talking about? It includes: the weight of the rolling door, the resistance of the rolling door when installing, and the different widths of the rolling door to determine the model of the electric roller door machine. So, how to choose the right type of roller door machine?

The normal rolling shutter piece, according to different materials, when the thickness of the door panel is 1mm, the weight of the rolling door of different square meters is as follows:

Aluminum alloy, 6KG/m2

Mesh door, 1KG/m2

Stainless steel roll door, 18KG/m2

When selecting the model, multiply the number of kilometers of the roll door by the number of square meters of the different materials and multiply the number of kilograms of the roll of the different materials by the friction safety factor of 12. times. The water is the roll door machine you want to select. The number of kilograms. In addition, the wall thickness of the rolling door reel should be selected according to the width and weight of the rolling door to ensure that the winding pipe is not bent and deformed during operation. In particular, if the coiled tube with a wall thickness of 3 mm or more, the width exceeds 5 m, and the self-weight exceeds 350 KG, when selecting an electric roller door machine, a larger power roller door machine should be selected to ensure the service life. Otherwise, the coiled tubing is bent and the torque is increased, resulting in overloading of the rolling door motor and shortening the life until the shaft of the rolling door machine is cracked.

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