How to install the garage door opener

Date:Dec 19, 2020

How to install the garage door opener



Step 1: The mechanical device should be installed in the center of the door. In order to determine the installation location, please use a tape measure to measure the width of the garage door. The midpoint of this distance is the center. On the inside of the door, draw a short vertical line from the center to the top. If you install the hook on this line, the weight of the door will be balanced at the lifting point. The hook is a mechanical device used to lift and lower the door.


Step 2: Raise and lower the garage door and observe the highest point of its operation. Mark this position because you must keep the rails higher than the highest point when the door is running, otherwise, the door will collide with the rails when it opens.


Step 3: Observe the area directly above the vertical dividing line you have drawn on the garage door. This location must have a support suitable for connecting the front end of the rail. If your garage lacks structural parts, please install a front load-bearing board, place a length of 5X15 cm long plank at the center above the highest point of the garage door, and use lag screws to cross the wall posts on both sides to fix it . Trace the highest point mark on this board, and extend the vertical line in the center of the door to also draw on the board.

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