How to keep automatic doors running well

Date:Oct 13, 2020

How to keep automatic doors running well


1. The automatic door needs to be kept dry, the surface of the motor should be kept clean, and the air inlet should not enter the obstacles of dust and fibers, that is, to keep the operating environment of the automatic door clean.

2. If the continuous thermal protection of the motor of the automatic door stops, it should be checked whether the fault comes from the motor or the protection device is triggered by overload operation. After the fault is eliminated, it can be put into operation.

3. The edges and corners of stacked automatic doors should be properly protected, otherwise frequent friction will cause the edges and corners to fall off.

4. The electric motor is the same as the automobile engine. After a long period of operation, there needs to be a maintenance stage. When the motor runs for 5000 hours, the motor needs to be refilled or replaced with grease. During operation, the bearing overheats or the lubrication deteriorates. The grease needs to be replaced in time.

5. The noise during the operation of the automatic door is obviously increased. This may be the life of the bearing of the automatic door has reached the limit, and the noise can be eliminated only by replacing the bearing. Check the bearing when the radial clearance reaches the following values, the bearing should be replaced.

In spring, the so-called spring breeze is usually the most windy in this season of the year. It not only brings us beneficial kinetic energy, but also destroys the environment. You should also often see in the news that strong winds destroy buildings. Wind sand, willow catkins, etc. will also be blown into the room, destroying the working environment of the enterprise. The anti-wind rod of the Feller automatic door plays a role in wind resistance. Therefore, in spring, Bian!

In summer, when returning to create a comfortable working environment, companies often turn on the air conditioner in real time. However, if the external door is frequently opened and closed, if it cannot be closed in time, the effect of the air conditioner will be greatly reduced. Moreover, you should also feel the hairy trees flying in the sky in early summer. In this situation, the high-speed opening and closing and sealing effect of Feller automatic doors can ensure a high degree of indoor cleanliness.

Autumn can be described as the characteristics of the first two seasons that merged. The spring breeze is proud, and the autumn breeze is not weak, and there are autumn tigers among the folks. Therefore, it does not need to be said here that Feller automatic doors must be installed, and the door industry is about to usher in. During the peak season, choosing to order at this time can stagger the peak period of labor shortage.

In winter, the cold air strikes, who wants to work in the cold? Air-conditioning and heating must naturally be adequate. However, if the access door cannot be controlled well, causing indoor and outdoor air convection, which greatly wastes the energy of the enterprise, the Feller automatic door is of course essential.

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