How to maintain solid wood doors?

Date:Nov 12, 2018

Solid wood garage doors, solid wood doors as an important part of modern home decoration, have been adopted by more and more families, especially high-grade solid wood doors, not only look elegant, but also give people a sense of fullness, so they are loved by everyone. However, the average person only checks some materials and price comparison information when buying solid wood doors, but few people pay attention to the maintenance problems after installation, especially in the winter, if you do not pay attention, it is easy because of indoor temperature and use. The problem caused the solid wood door to break. So how do you effectively maintain solid wood doors in winter? Here, Shuangxiong Door Industry will provide you with some common knowledge about solid wood doors.

 First, try to maintain indoor ventilation (spring, autumn and winter), is to maintain a certain temperature and humidity indoors, large temperature differences and humidity changes will make the wooden door deformation, paint off and so on.

Second, try not to have water stains or other liquids on your hands. It is necessary to open the door handle, which will cause certain corrosion to the door lock, and do not stuff things into the door lock.

Third, the indoor temperature in winter is kept at around 20 degrees. Do not let the heating equipment be too close to the wooden door.

4. Cover the wooden door when painting the wall to avoid being smeared.

Fifth, avoid the wear and tear of the edges and corners, and paint will fall off.

6. When cleaning the surface, first use less water or diluted detergent, toothpaste water and other cleaning products, then wipe with a soft cloth.

7. Use a special maintenance fluid to maintain the wooden door.

Eight, vacuum cleaners are available for some dead ends on the wooden door.

9. Avoid leaving a soft cloth soaked in a cleaning agent on the surface for too long, causing corrosion.

The last point is actually the most important point. The habit of using wooden doors in general is the most important, for example, do not let sharp objects touch the surface of the wooden door, and usually switch the wooden door to avoid excessive force, which will also cause damage to the wooden door.


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