How to maintain the smart lock fingerprint lock in daily life.

Date:Dec 07, 2018

What is the hottest in the home field? There is no doubt, of course, smart home; in the smart home field, what is the most hot? Many people think of the first is the smart lock. The fiery heat of smart locks is essentially different from the fiery concept of smart homes, because smart locks have gone through the stage of concept hype, and are entering the homes of ordinary people. It is said that the smart lock is expensive, so it is necessary to pay attention to the usual maintenance, but 95% of the smart lock users do not know how to properly maintain their own locks.

With the popularity of fingerprint locks, more and more fingerprint lock users, compared with the high penetration rate of fingerprint locks in southern coastal cities, the high publicity rate is different, the information flow of fingerprint lock daily maintenance in the northwest region is less, the following small series tells everyone How to maintain your own fingerprint lock.

1. In daily life, ensure that the fingerprint lock is clean and tidy. Regularly check the technical status of the lock body. When collecting fingerprints, the finger strength is moderate. Do not apply pressure strongly. Wipe the dust on the fingerprint collection window with a mirror cloth. Because the surface will be dirty after use for a long time, it may affect normal use. Never use a wet rag or a cleaning ball to clean the smart lock, which can easily damage the plating of the smart lock surface. On average, every 3-6 months, self-testing, found that the same kind of timely processing, tightening and adjustment of loose and misaligned parts, and preventive changes of some wearing parts.

2. Adding lubricating oil. As the most important mechanical structure of a fingerprint lock, the lock cylinder naturally cannot ignore maintenance. It is found that the lock cylinder is not too active or can not adhere to the correct orientation. At this time, it should be noted that the lock cylinder should be filled with lubricating oil. Please use the oil gun to spray oil to the lock cylinder, and do not overdo it. Roll the handle and knob until the door lock is active. When used for a long time, the smart lock may be inflexible, the handle cannot be bounced back to the horizontal position, the mechanical key is not flexible, and some lubricating oil needs to be added to the door lock.

3. Replace the battery. When the smart lock encounters low battery power, it will be notified at least two weeks in advance. Please replace the battery in time to avoid affecting normal use. If it cannot be opened due to lack of power, you can use the emergency charging treasure or use the equipped emergency key to unlock.

4, the handle does not hang things. Please do not hang heavy objects on the handles. It is best not to hang any objects to avoid long-term pressure on the handles and damage the balance of the handles. Although the lock body is waterproof, try to avoid contact with water or other liquids, or immerse it in water or other liquids. If the case is exposed to liquid or salt spray, wipe it off with a soft, absorbent cloth. You can also wipe the fingerprint collection window with a lens cloth, because after using it for a long time, the surface will be dirty, which may affect the normal use.

5. Do not let the lock surface come into contact with corrosive substances. Although the security of the lock is the first point, the viewing is also very important. Therefore, do not let the lock surface contact with corrosive substances, which will damage the lock surface protective layer, affect the gloss of the lock surface or cause oxidation of the surface coating.

Only when the correct maintenance is given in the process of use can effectively ensure the intelligent fingerprint lock effect and prolong its service life, so the operator, the technician and the user must properly maintain the smart fingerprint lock.

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