How to match the correct code and code of the garage door remote control?

Date:Oct 31, 2018

Garage door remotes generally have three encoding methods: rolling code, fixed code, and learning code.

If the rolling code remote control matches, you need to provide 16-bit manufacturer code, but the manufacturer code manufacturer will not provide it. Therefore, if the rolling code garage door remote control is broken, you can contact the original manufacturer or find an installation professional to replace a remote control and receiver. .

After selecting the style, just provide a few parameters to the garage door remote control manufacturer:

1. Chip model

2. The frequency of use

3. Oscillation resistance

These parameters are directly reflected on the remote control PCB board, which can be seen by opening the remote control housing.


Garage door remote control code

Press the code button light to illuminate, and continuously open the door open button on the remote control twice, and then turn off the code light a few times and then turn it off. Garage door remote control coding method: ready to remote control with code, click on the key to open the door machine (motor), code light door opener to ignite, press the red button hand, open the door on the light remote machine, according to 2- 4 (the number of different gates in the era is different), at the same time two lights 2-4 times, the code is successful. Note: After all remote controls are completed, check the indicator of the opener and the light should go out. If the indicator is on, the door opener is in the matching state. It may be assigned to other remotes, causing the automatic door to "automatically open" or "open the door". At this time, we should press the matching button to make the power distribution indicator light up. Then the machine can be used normally. The remote control of the garage door is more expensive than the microcontroller, so the price of the garage door remote depends mainly on the technology of the control chip.

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