How to repair automatic door sensor?

- Nov 14, 2018-

How to repair the automatic door sensor:

1. If it is not guaranteed that the internal components of the sensor will not touch the surface of the board, be sure to turn off the automatic door power switch or wear insulated gloves.

2. Many so-called fault phenomena are caused by environmental interference of the sensor. The customer should first be allowed to eliminate environmental factors that may cause interference;

3, the power cord and signal line identification must be clearly seen, and some sensors may directly cause the board to burn out if the line is reversed;

4. If the internal sensor or the external sensor is damaged separately, you can first adjust the internal and external to see if the fault exists. This is the quickest way to determine whether the sensor is damaged.

5. If the door leaf is not closed, the automatic switch or 90% of the automatic switch is not directly damaged by the sensor, but the sensor is not properly adjusted or externally interfered.

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Common automatic door sensor interference factors:

1. Unstable light sources such as fluorescent lamps can cause the sensor to malfunction;

2, the sun or very bright reflective ground will interfere with the normal operation of the sensor;

3. The wind and grass of the ornamental potted plants placed in the sensing area will interfere with the sensor;

4. Inappropriate adjustment of the sensing range of the sensor may induce the movement of the door body, or the movement of the door body may cause malfunction;

How to adjust the sensing range of the sensor:

1. Sensitivity knob adjustment, determine the sensitivity level by adjusting the mcu digital-to-analog conversion threshold.

2. The action area of the sensor can be adjusted by adjusting the pitch and horizontal angle of the microwave module.

3. Amplification circuit gain adjustment, the position of this knob is around the original of the amplification circuit (the sensor position of different manufacturers is different from the original of the amplification circuit). This knob is generally not adjusted. It is used by the manufacturer to correct the dispersion of the sensitivity output of the microwave module.

4, sensitivity and microwave antenna elevation adjustment is a relatively simple and intuitive method, while paying attention to adjust the antenna angle must be carried out after power off, some automatic door sensor damage is because the adjustment of the antenna elevation angle touched the electronic circuit board part Causes a short circuit, which in turn burns the electronic components and is damaged. The gain adjustment knob is not as easy to operate as the sensitivity knob compared to the sensitivity adjustment knob.