Industrial fast door maintenance rules

Date:Nov 07, 2018

The fast rolling door is a new type of industrial fast door product. Wuxi Xufeng Door Manufacturing Co., Ltd. uses the advanced nature of the fast rolling door to determine the importance of normal maintenance. If you can do maintenance work during normal use, you can successfully reduce a lot of unnecessary capital and manpower expenses, reduce maintenance costs, and extend product life.

Regular cleaning and maintenance includes inspection and maintenance of locations where safety hazards are likely to exist, and parts of mechanical rotating parts are provided with sufficient lubricant to provide lubrication, avoid mechanical wear between parts, and extend the life cycle of parts. Checking some fast doors requires some professional cleaning and maintenance knowledge and the creation of regular items.

When cleaning PVC shutter doors, it is usually wiped with a soft cloth to clean the surface of the metal frame to prevent rust and other problems, and the door body can always maintain a new style. In addition to regular cleaning and inspection, some items with expiration date, such as alarms, require regular replacement of the battery to ensure long-term self-preparation of the alarm.

The above is the aspects that need to pay attention to the maintenance of the fast door. As long as the diligent management and maintenance are carried out, the service life, cost performance and user experience of the Xufeng door industry fast door will be greatly improved, ensuring that the product creates a bigger for you. benefit.

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