Intelligent parking system works well in extreme weather

Date:Oct 29, 2018

With the advent of the intelligent parking system, due to its excellent management functions, it has been quickly applied in most parking lots. In addition to its powerful functions, it is difficult to trouble the owner of the car, and it is difficult to find a car problem. The intelligent parking lot management system Nowadays, there are applications in shopping malls, schools, communities and other places in various provinces and regions in China. How does it overcome the equipment problems caused by differences in weather conditions in different regions?

In fact, any product that wants to achieve quality assurance needs to undergo multiple tests and tests to be successful. For the Doyle Intelligent Control Parking System, it is no exception. Every part is rigorously inspected and there are many tests to ensure the proper use of the intelligent parking system. The intelligent parking system enclosure is made of stainless steel. Using the highest quality outdoor coating and imported Akzo powder, it has waterproof and non-fading functions; the panel adopts leading technology such as tempered glass design and anti-scratch function, ensuring that it can be used in outdoor windy and heavy rain environment, even at minus 40 degrees Celsius. It can also work normally, whether it is high temperature in summer or cold in winter to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


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