Introduction of Automatic Door classification

Date:Sep 11, 2018

1, according to the form of open and close: can be divided into sliding doors, flat doors, overlapping doors, folding doors, curved doors and revolving doors.

(1) Sliding door: can be subdivided into single open, double open, overlapping single open, overlapping double open and curved doors. The curved door leaves along the solitary orbital smooth movement, can be divided into half arc unidirectional, half arc bidirectional, full arc bidirectional.

In order to maximize the width of the entrance, some push-pull (set) automatic door can be made in the opening end and fixed fan coincident after a manual flat, also summarized as push-pull automatic door.

(2) Revolving door: can be subdivided into central axis type, circular guide hanging type and center display area type.

(3) Flat door: can be subdivided into single-fan unidirectional, double-fan unidirectional, single-fan bidirectional and double-fan bidirectional.

(4) Folding door: can be subdivided into 2 folding and 4 fan folding.

(5) Emergency evacuation automatic door: The active fan and the fixed fan can be opened 90 degrees.

(6) Overlapping door: it can be divided into overlapping automatic doors with fixed side-door pages and overlapping automatic doors without fixed side doors.

(7) Curved door: can be divided into arcs, semi-circular, full circle, can be fixed door page, can not be fixed door page, the circle can be set according to the specific case design, application is very flexible, you can also apply different radian splicing, the construction of beautiful and changeable geometric shape of the door, so the use of Caesar curved door will be more and

Application statistics: The maximum amount of push-pull automatic door, accounting for about 4 types of automatic door total of more than 90%, followed by rotary automatic door, about 6%, flat open and folding automatic door use of the least, each accounted for about 2%.

2, according to the door material points: Stainless steel doors have safety glass, stainless steel finishes, architectural aluminum alloy profiles, color coated steel plate, wood, etc., can also use other materials.

The common types used are glass automatic doors with frame glass automatic doors, stainless steel frame glass automatic doors and aluminum alloy frames (planed or fluorocarbon painted).

3, according to the structure characteristics of the door, automatic door mainly divided into nine categories, namely automatic revolving door, circular arc automatic door, smooth automatic door, flat open automatic door, folding automatic door, retractable automatic door, rolling shutter automatic door, lifting type automatic door and automatic pavement device.

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