Introduction of medical airtight door

Date:Dec 03, 2018

Medical airtight door is a work-ability automatic induction door. Because the function requirements are more and more varieties, but all the common features of the airtight door and the entry level, some unscrupulous merchants in order to seek profiteering, shoddy, holding ordinary The door machine acts as a medical airtight door machine, which causes unnecessary trouble to the customer during the use process. Our company elaborates on the basic requirements and basic functions of the medical airtight door to prevent being deceived again. Starting from the guide rail, the medical airtight door uses the orbit changing technology. When the door body is closed, there is a sunken groove on the inner side of the track. The wheel just falls here, and then the door body is offset to the door frame and the ground. The sealing strip around the body completely fits the door frame and the ground to ensure the sealing effect. This is the most basic and fundamental performance requirement and the origin of the airtight door name. When the door is opened, the wheel slides from the groove to the running track, the door body is lifted, and the door body and the surrounding sealing strip are disengaged from the ground and the door frame to avoid contact between the sealing strip and the ground and the door frame, thereby greatly reducing the wear of the sealing strip and prolonging the use. life.

The lower mouth of the door body is a notch, which plays a role of positioning. Through the cooperation of the double inclined surface in the concave rail at the bottom of the door body and the spherical guiding wheel, the door body is closed toward the ground and is simultaneously offset to the door frame, and the door body is translated away from the ground at the same time. Offward from the direction of the door frame, during the translation process of the door body, the bottom concave rail is changed into a translational track, and the door leaf is moved smoothly by the guide wheel, thereby effectively preventing the door body from swinging.

The door guide is a high-strength aluminum alloy profile. The wheel is invaded and the overall structure is stable. The operating life is more than 10 million times. Installation is simple and convenient. The overall operation is low noise and meets the requirements of hospital use.

The inside of the door body is made of hard honeycomb panel and high-strength aluminum alloy frame, which is pressed and formed by large platform of automatic lifting hydraulic equipment. Special equipment and processes ensure good flatness of the door. The surface of the door body can be decorated with large flat matt stainless steel plates, spray-coated steel plates, aluminum plates, electrolytic plates, PVC plates, etc. according to user requirements. The door panels can be selected from a variety of spray colors.

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