Iron gate installation electric control lock method

Date:Dec 17, 2018

Generally speaking, the iron gate must be equipped with an electric lock. The electric lock is a mechanical lock device controlled by a relay. At present, a series of different structures have been formed, including electric lock (anode lock) and cathode lock. (Electric lock), magnetic lock, electric lock, etc. Below I will introduce the following how to install the wrought iron gate electric lock.

First of all, we must clarify the details of the wrought iron gate. The electric lock has a magnetic lock and a latch lock. The magnetic lock is the simplest. It can be installed directly. There may be a problem with the cable lock. Try to choose a hidden place with a small metal tube. Regardless of the type of lock, the door closer must be installed, otherwise it will be difficult to have an effect. A door closer is a device that automatically closes the door.

Generally, the key to the installation of the electric control lock is the connection between the door machine and the indoor unit. If it is connected by a network cable, it is very easy to operate, and it can be directly plugged in. If there are several different color core wires, just connect the door machine and the terminal of the indoor unit to the corresponding color line.

Generally, the electric control lock has two pole lines, as long as the two electric lock terminals of the video doorbell are respectively connected, regardless of the positive and negative poles. It is also possible to design a personalized electric lock for the wrought iron gate. The electric control of the access control is 12V AC. It uses the mains to do the common power supply, and the two 6V maintenance-free batteries are used as spare. Use the key or use when opening the door. Electronic control, not used when closing the door (just a simple mechanical principle). The battery is powered by the door opening command for only a few seconds (1-2 seconds), and there are only two wires locked.


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