Main performance of automatic swing door

Date:Nov 30, 2018

1. Convenient installation: It is not affected by the original structure of the door post and the gate. Any swing door can be easily installed without destroying its original structure; there is no special requirement for the shape and size of the door post and door body;

2, the effective thrust is large: the door opener works at the best point of the door opening (the farthest from the hinge), the efficiency is 100%, as long as the door that can be promoted by a single person can work reliably;

3. The force on the door body is small: since the force point is the best and the efficiency is the largest, the force at the force application point of the door body is the smallest, and the door body structure is not deformed;

4, can open the ultra-wide door: because it works farthest from the pivot of the gate, and the direction of the force is always the same as the direction of the door opening, so no matter how wide the door can easily open and close;

5. The door can be opened and closed freely from 0 to 360 degrees.

6, self-locking: after the door is closed, the door opener can be locked by itself, no need to add an electric lock;

7, high intelligence: Because the machine comes with interlocking electric lock, so you can freely set the left and right door to open the door sequence, arbitrarily designate a certain door to open, resist the rebound, block the self-stop, automatically determine the car or people away Automatically close the door after going, and have a value-added interface to form a modern intelligent access control system with the sensor, card reader/password;

8, power consumption: due to high efficiency of opening the door, the required power is small, so the power consumption is extremely low;

Induction door

9. The limit switch is easy to control, the limit is accurate and stable, and the motor and mechanism are not overloaded;

10.the mechanism bears small stress and long life;

11.streamlined appearance, small, beautiful.

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