Maintenance guide for Automatic Doors

Date:Sep 11, 2018

Door Weight: 120kg or less, gate width: 1260mm, door opening speed: 41cm/seconds, closing speed: Ten ' 40cm/seconds, open time: 0 ' 9 seconds, manual thrust: 46N, supply voltage: 60Hz Ambient temperature Celsius ' + 50 degrees Celsius

Automatic Door Maintenance Guide: 1, automatic door must know the precautions?

Possible causes of automatic door repair methods that should be avoided:

(1) automatic door track and hanging wheel can not be oiled, otherwise the roller on the hanger has a sliding phenomenon, so that the door collision.

(2) Please turn off the power supply if it is not used for a long time.

(3) Do not disassemble the accident, please contact the professional.

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