Maintenance guide for automatic doors

Date:Aug 28, 2020

Maintenance guide for automatic doors

Door leaf weight: 120kg or less*2, door width: 600`1260mm, door opening speed: 14`41cm/sec, door closing speed: 10`40cm/sec, door opening time: 0`9 seconds, manual thrust: 46N, power supply voltage: 50`60Hz ambient temperature degrees Celsius` +50 degrees Celsius

Full guide for automatic door repair:

1. What should you know about automatic doors? Possible reasons for automatic door maintenance methods that should be avoided:

(1) The automatic door track and hanging wheels cannot be oiled; otherwise, the rollers on the hanger will slide, causing the door to collide.

(2) Please turn off the power when it is not used for a long time.

(3) Please don't disassemble or assemble at will when abnormal, please contact professionals.

2. The automatic door keeps opening and closing automatically?

possible reason:

(1) The radar sensor fails.

(2) A moving object is in the sensing range.

(3) The door switch hits an obstacle.

3. The door leaf shakes when the automatic door is running?

possible reason:

(1) There are obstructions or wear on the underground guide rail or swing stop.

(2) Wear or obstruction of the mobile crane and track.

4. Will there be a jump when the door leaf of an automatic door is opened and closed?

possible reason:

(1) There are foreign objects stuck in the upper rail and the lower rail.

(2) There are foreign objects embedded in the wheels of the hanging wheels.

5. The automatic door speed is too slow when the door leaf is opened and closed?

possible reason:

(1) The controller speed adjustment is too slow.

(2) The belt may be too loose.

(3) The voltage is abnormal.

(4) The movable door leaf may rub against the guide rail or the fixed door leaf or rub against the floor.

(5) The stop wheel rubs against the track.

6. A collision occurs when the movable door leaf of the automatic door is closed?

possible reason:

(1) The speed is too fast.

(2) The voltage is abnormal.

(3) Motor power generation accessories may be damaged.

7. Can't the automatic door leaf be opened?

possible reason:

(1) If the sensor is faulty, check whether the sensor light is normal.

(2) Wire joint loose glue (short circuit).

(3) The belt comes off.

(4) The motor may be overheated, and it will return to normal after cooling down.

(5) The controller burns out.

(6) Foreign matter is stuck.

(7) The voltage is abnormal.

Here, only take the translational induction automatic door operator as an example to introduce the basic working principle of the automatic door operator.

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