Ordinary automatic door and emergency automatic door

Date:Sep 11, 2018

With the development of urban construction, the requirements of the appearance of the building more and more high, the channel entrance as a façade, the installation of automatic door can improve the overall building level, automatic door to convenient, beautiful, safe advantages, widely used in many occasions, especially airports, stations, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, banks and other pedestrian density of large channels entrance.

The automatic sliding door is the most common one in automatic door because of its compact structure, convenient use and beautiful design. However, certainly many people will have doubts, ordinary automatic translation door in the case of power outages, and some emergency situations, can not open and close, this is not a security risk? In order to solve this problem, emergency automatic door (emergency speed push automatic door) came into being, emergency automatic door is on the basis of ordinary automatic translation door, increase the mechanical principle of the emergency push device, regardless of the automatic door in any position, the whole department can be pushed from the inside.

Once pushed back, you can return to normal use if you reset it. This way in emergency situations, especially in the case of high density of people, in the event of an emergency, it will be natural to rush to the door, even in the automatic door closure, power outages and other circumstances, emergency automatic door can be pushed aside, to avoid unexpected situations. And all the door body can be opened, more than normal use of the person to increase the rate of adoption (because the normal use of the fixed door body is not possible). Through the study found that the pass rate is six times times the usual!

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