Precautions before installation of fast rolling door

- Nov 07, 2018-

1. Before the rapid rolling door processing, it is necessary to carry out on-site multi-rule, check the size and quantity of the opening of the door, and carry out the processing and production after the four parties sign the confirmation (construction unit, construction unit, supervision unit, door manufacturer).

2. Determine the positional relationship between the door of the fast rolling door and the stone and canopy, and do a good job of blocking the contact surfaces.

3. The size position of the Asahi rapid rolling shutter box needs to be checked according to the site location to achieve consistency with the site.

4. Determine the level (500 lines or 1m line) and the floor before installation. The door frame is correctly placed in the door hole, and the check is carried out. After confirming the error, the bolt is fixed.

5. After the installation is completed, the finished product protection must be carried out before the completion acceptance, to avoid damage to the door of the fast rolling door.

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