Revolving door installation and precautions

Date:Sep 12, 2020

Revolving door installation and precautions


Many people should be familiar with the automatic revolving door. Generally, many high-end shopping malls can see it. Because it looks very high-end and high-end, many hotels, restaurants, etc. have chosen to use automatic revolving. Although the automatic revolving door is very convenient and labor-saving to use, the installation actually requires great care and patience, and the operation steps are more complicated, so Feiler will introduce the installation details and precautions of the automatic revolving door.

Automatic revolving door installation details

Automatic revolving doors are widely used in high-end places such as hotels and office buildings. As the facade of the entire building site, automatic revolving doors appear particularly high-end and elegant. Many people travel through it all day, but do not understand the knowledge of automatic revolving doors. For example, how many people know about its installation details?

1) Installation details: preparations before installation

According to professional installation workers, the pre-installation preparations mainly include on-site construction conditions and measurement of door openings. These should be considered before construction and specific site surveys should be made to quickly enter the installation program.

2) Installation details: door machine installation work

The door operator is a mechanical device that provides power to the automatic revolving door. Generally, wall installation is selected, which does not affect the aesthetics and can make full use of the wall space. It should be noted that the wall must be leveled before installation to avoid track Bending and generating noise occurs.

3) Installation details: installation of door leaf

After installing the movable door body, measure whether the upper and lower sides of the movable door body and the fixed door body are equal, then push the door to be aligned with the fixed door, and then install the belt and stop plate. The person in charge of Cathay Pacific Zhengzhou Revolving Door told us that after finishing this, we must adjust and check. If it does not reach the ideal, we can adjust it as needed.

Precautions for automatic revolving door installation

During the installation of automatic revolving doors, in addition to details, there are also many installation precautions, and it is very necessary to understand these installation precautions. This not only makes it more convenient to manage the revolving door, but also can be timely if some safety hazards are found The elimination.

1) Matters needing attention in material requirements: Automatic revolving door installation materials should be made in the factory according to the design regulations or purchased in the market according to the design requirements. The installation materials mainly include expansion bolts, bolts, nails, welding rods, rags, hardware, etc.

2) Selection of main tools Note: Of course, it is necessary to understand which tools are mainly used before installation, such as electric impact drill, nail gun, electric welding machine, tap, etc. In addition, tools such as electrician tools, gray wire packs, pendants, wrenches, hammers, steel tapes, brushes, spirit levels, lean rulers, brooms, etc. are also commonly used tools, so try to provide them.

3) Check whether the embedded steel plate position of the hanging roller device on the upper part of the automatic door is correct. If there is any deviation, it should be dealt with in time.

4) The quality of various spare parts of automatic doors should comply with current national standards and industry standards, and be selected according to design requirements. Do not use substandard products.

5) After the door frame, door leaf and other decorative parts are delivered to the site, they should be placed in the warehouse and kept properly. They should not be deformed by impact during transportation. And should prevent cement, lime slurry or other acid-base substances from polluting the surface of the door.

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