Revolving door structure knowledge

Date:Aug 14, 2020

The revolving door is mostly constructed with the inner side of the outer arc. The so-called square is the inner door, which can also be called door wings. The two-wing, three-wing, four-wing and other revolving doors we have heard before are based on the number of doors inside the revolving door In terms of division, the quality of the door decoration directly affects the overall aesthetics of the revolving door, and the number of door doors directly affects the use space inside the revolving door and the way of movement of the door wings. After years of development, people are Its consumption tends to be more and more rational, so now there are two-wing revolving doors and three-wing revolving doors on the market. Two-wing revolving doors are mostly used in high-end places, with gorgeous shapes and comprehensive functions, and it has two different ways of movement. The middle can be used for translation like an automatic sensor door, and it can also rotate as a whole. Such a revolving door design can guarantee a large number of The passage of people can also reduce power consumption and achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. The three-wing revolving door is centered on the center column, and three door wings are installed in a perfect circle in three equal positions. Compared with the four-wing revolving door, it saves materials and increases the passage space. It is both economical and practical. Moreover, it has two specifications of manual revolving door and automatic revolving door, so it is enthusiastic by a large number of customers. The company has a complete set of revolving door solutions, and hope to help you.

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