Safe use of automatic doors

- Nov 15, 2018-

The use of automatic doors in life is more and more extensive, and the popularity of automatic doors means the improvement of social convenience. Various high-end buildings such as high-end hotels, hotels, financial institutions, commercial buildings, and airport terminals in China are everywhere. Automatic doors are generally found in densely populated areas, so safety issues are important. Since the automatic door is not manually manipulated, it has an insecure factor in all machines. So how do we avoid these problems in our daily use?

    1. Please pass the automatic door in order. Please do not force the automatic door when the door is closed or when the door is closed, to ensure that the door is passed through the automatic door when the door is opened for more than one person.

    2. Do not block the automatic door, collide with the automatic door, or damage the automatic door device and door with external force.

    3. Children under 1.2 meters in height and inconvenient elderly and disabled people must pass the automatic door with the help of the guardian. Especially when passing the two-wing revolving door or its revolving door, we must take care of the elderly and the elderly. Child.

    4. Please do not stay in the automatic door for a long time, do not put any obstacles in the automatic door.

    5. When the automatic door is in the automatic sensing state, please do not stay in the sensing area and in the automatic mouth for a long time.

    6. In the event of power failure, you can manually push the automatic door leaf to the two sides. When the automatic door is faulty or in an emergency, please turn off the automatic door power first, and manually push open the automatic door leaf.

    7. Please fix the glass door fan on the automatic door, and stick the target glass (such as company name, company logo, etc.) on the movable glass door to avoid the collision of the automatic door glass.