Stainless steel automatic door

Date:Sep 22, 2020

Stainless steel automatic door


Stainless steel automatic door is a more common type of automatic door. It can recognize the action of people approaching the door (or some kind of entry authorization) as the control unit of the door opening signal. The door is opened through the drive system and the door is automatically closed after the person leaves , And control the opening and closing process.

Stainless steel automatic doors can be divided into sliding doors, swing doors, folding doors and revolving doors. Sliding doors can be subdivided into single, double, overlapping single, overlapping double and curved doors; revolving doors can be subdivided into central axis Type, round guide rail suspension type and central display area type, etc.; swing doors can be subdivided into single-leaf one-way, double-leaf one-way, single-leaf two-way and double-leaf two-way; folding doors can be subdivided into two-leaf folding and four-leaf folding .

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