Standard for installation of translational automatic doors

Date:Aug 14, 2020

Translational automatic smoothing automatic door is a kind of automatic door. It is designed and manufactured with the latest technology, high-efficiency DC motor, no heat and no noise, digital computer controller, GMD door machine has LCD written digital display, digital technology, no need to debug , It is mostly used in the entrance and exit systems of restaurants, airports, large shopping malls, hospitals, merchant halls, hotels, office buildings, large buildings, etc. However, it should be noted that smooth automatic doors have higher requirements for all aspects involved in their installation, such as the ground and steel beams.

Smooth East Door Installation Standard

1. Ground requirements

In order to ensure the installation accuracy and performance of the automatic door, it is required to treat the surface of the automatic door as a smooth horizontal surface before the automatic door is installed. The unevenness of the ground on both sides of the door body is less than plus or minus 3 mm. The automatic door will be fixed with expansion bolts, so it is required The ground should have a solid texture and have an acceptance report from the relevant unit.

Second, the requirements of steel beams

1. The thickness of the steel beam of the suspension manipulator should be selected according to its weight. The load-bearing capacity should not be less than 300 kg, and it should be treated with rust prevention.

2. Between the steel beam and the finished ground, the height error required by the drawing should not exceed plus or minus 3 mm.

3. Acceptance report on completion of steel beams.

4. Since the top load of the automatic door operator is 0 kg, the construction and decoration structure above the door body should be processed before the door body is installed.

3. Power requirements

1. For safe use and convenient maintenance, an independent automatic door power supply (AC 220V, 50Hz, 6A) should be set.

2. Power supply cable: a single set of 3 x 1.5 mm2 copper core sheathed cables, one of which is a protective ground wire.

3. The cable should be led to the inner right part of the beam above the automatic door in a concealed manner, with a certain amount of wiring margin (to the middle of the beam).

Fourth, product protection

1. After the door body parts are delivered, they should be stored close to the installation site to avoid damage caused by secondary handling. The goods storage place should be safe, rain-proof and dust-proof.

2. After the goods are unpacked, some valuables must be stored in a locked room close to the scene.

3. The automatic door should be checked and accepted in time after installation.

 Door installation standards

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