Swing door motor automatic swing door knowledge

Date:Dec 04, 2018

The biggest feature of the automatic swing door is that there is no special requirement for the door. As long as there are installation conditions, an ordinary swing door can be turned into an automatic door. The only requirement is that for a heavy-duty automatic swing door machine, a high-strength hinge should be provided, because the door opening torque is on the hinge when the door machine is running. Very powerful. The automatic swing door can be divided into two types: full electric and semi electric, and the two kinds of door machines have their own characteristics. The scope of application is different.

1.All-electric automatic swing door

The structure of the all-electric automatic swing door is a power supply, a controller, a motor, a transmission component (such as an umbrella gear structure), and a hardware for connecting the door leaf. The biggest feature of this automatic door is that the door and the closing process must be driven by the controller and the motor. So it is the same as the automatic sliding door. The controller of the all-electric automatic swing door must be programmed in the microprocessor to control the movement of the door and the process of opening and closing the door. Therefore, as with the automatic sliding door, when starting to use (or when the power is turned off and then turned on). The door machine must perform a learning program to detect and record system parameters.

This all-electric automatic swing door achieves a silent effect if the transmission parts are processed with high precision, and is very suitable for a side that requires a high level of noise such as an operating room. Since the controller of this door machine is a microprocessor, there is also an automatic reverse function and a variety of other adjustable functions. In addition, this door machine also has a special "push and open" function, that is, when the person pushes the door by hand, the door will automatically open after the door is pushed to a certain extent, so that The door can be automatically operated without installing a signal device such as a radar. If the "zero position controller" is added, the automatic door can be opened in both directions, that is, if the person wants to enter the room from outside the door, the automatic door opens to the room, and if not, opens to the outside. This automatic door can be used for a long time after the addition of various electrical safety functions such as overheat protection. In the northeastern region, a hospital installed a German-made all-electric automatic swing door in the 1980s, which can still be used normally after 18 years.

2.Semi-electric automatic swing door

In order to solve the problem that the all-electric automatic swing door cannot be used frequently. A semi-electric automatic swing door is thus produced. That is, the door opening process is driven by the motor, and the door closing process is completed by the mechanical structure. If a brushless variable speed motor with an encoder is not used, a conventional motor requires a variable speed transmission structure, and this configuration can be equipped with a spring energy storage device. During the opening of the door, the spring is tightened and the door is closed by the release of the spring. This door is closed by a spring when the door is powered off, so it can be used for fire doors. Since the electrical part only operates during the door opening process, the electrical stability is doubled.

3. Electro-hydraulic automatic swing door

The electro-hydraulic automatic swing door, that is, the motor is driven to open the door but is closed by the hydraulic door closer. Its structure and working principle is that the motor drives a heavy-duty hydraulic door closer through an oil pump to open the door. The door is closed by the door closer. After the hydraulic door closer technology is very mature, the control of the door opening and closing process can be achieved through the door closer. The degree to which the user feels very comfortable. The most important thing is to compare the semi-electric automatic swing door mentioned above. The biggest advantage of the electro-hydraulic automatic swing door is that all the moving parts are in the closed state, completely avoiding the wear caused by the dust. Super heavy-duty electro-hydraulic automatic swing door drive, in addition to its high-power motor and ultra-heavy door closer, the most important thing is that its open state is achieved by an electromagnetic hydraulic valve of its door closer, so keep the opening time The length of the circuit does not have any effect on its circuit and motor. The electro-hydraulic automatic swing door is designed thanks to its fully enclosed structure. Therefore, it is a maintenance-free automatic door machine. Because the opening moment of the automatic swing door is large and the strength of the door hinge is high, it is recommended to use a heavy hinge.

4.The safety configuration of the automatic swing door

When the automatic swing door is equipped with a radar detector, care must be taken not to allow the door to be in the area of radar scanning during the entire operation: otherwise, the door will move continuously without stopping. Therefore, the setting of the safety device in the door opening and closing stroke is very important. At present, there are no relevant standards in China, and some compromises are usually adopted in some buildings. For example, in a large public office, one-way access can be set, that is, the entrance is separated from the exit, ensuring that the opening direction of the door does not touch people. When the door is closed, the door body is just within the attention of the pedestrian, and to a certain extent, it can avoid touching people. In the case where some of the access personnel are relatively stable, the entry and exit personnel are trained on how to safely use the automatic swing door, so that the safety device can be omitted. However, in the case where personnel enter and exit frequently, an anti-collision device is usually installed in the opening direction of the door leaf.

5.Automatic swing door and access control system

The key to connecting the automatic swing door to the access control system is the lock function of the automatic swing door. The access control system is a system for verifying the entry authorization. Once the entry authorization is accepted, the automatic swing door should open the door immediately: otherwise, the door will always be locked. To achieve this level of control, the door machine should have a signal output terminal for the control lock, and release the lock 1/10 seconds before the door opening operation is performed. At the same time, there are corresponding circuits for both the power-off and power-off electronic locks. The connection scheme is adapted to the user's requirements for gating. A swing door machine that has a locked door state but does not open and unlock the door cannot be connected to the access control system.

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