The importance of sliding door motor overheat protection

Date:Nov 01, 2018

Although the sliding door motor is not as common as household appliances such as air ducts and vacuum cleaners, people are less exposed, but it is conceivable that the sliding door motor is also like other electrical appliances. In the process of continuous operation, it burns due to overheating. The risk, and once the motor is not working, it will also cause inconvenience to life. Therefore, the overheating protection device of the sliding door motor is also a point that many people will inevitably consider when purchasing the motor.

So how does the overheating protection device of the sliding door motor work?

1. Electric sliding door motor overheat maintenance installation is specially used to detect the temperature of the stator coil in the sliding door motor.

When the stator in the machine presents an abnormal temperature condition, the control relay sends a corresponding control signal so that the worker stops the motor. The controller adopts a series of anti-interference measures in the circuit design, which can work reliably in an environment with very serious electromagnetic interference.

2. Utility overview:

The electric sliding door motor overheating maintenance device is connected to the control system, which can effectively maintain the function of the winding coil motor rising to the value in time due to various reasons during operation of the sliding door motor. When the motor stator winding coil temperature is detected to the relay set value (temperature is higher than 145 °C, the electric sliding door motor automatic power-off maintenance stops operation), and the 5, 6 and 7, 8 terminals of the overheating relay will have a switch The output is controlled to stop the machine; when the temperature drops, the relay continues to resume operation, thereby maintaining the sliding door motor from being burned out.

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