The influence of hardware accessories on the performance of electric shutters

Date:Dec 24, 2018

1. The economic function of the electric shutter will show its competitiveness in the fierce market competition due to hardware accessories. If you want to break away from a single price competition and use skills to expand the space of the rolling gate, its rich function must be completed by hardware accessories.

     2, the rolling gate has a new development trend, that is, through the completion of the different opening methods of the rolling gate to complete and ensure that the limit of the production of the production process based on its use of function, and has a lot of complexity .

     3, the permanent physical function of the electric shutter is directly related to the quality of the hardware accessories, because the hardware plays a vital role in the airtightness and watertightness of the shutter.

     4. The service life of the electric shutter is directly linked to the quality of the hardware. Because the surface of the hardware is plated with zinc for anti-corrosion function, it can directly guarantee the service life of the roller shutter.

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